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Le printemps des bastides

Le Printemps des Bastides takes place in a large

number of villages of the Bergerac area (Issigeac,

Monpazier, Bergerac, Beaumont du Périgord,

Lanquais, Le Buisson de Cadouin, Lalinde, and

others). It features cultural and artistic events

highlighting the differences, complementarity and

diversity of the peoples of the world and their

cultures. Discover new flavours, expertise and

artistic expressions through up-close encounters

and a great number of events, such as performances,

concerts, film projections, exhibitions, debates,

and other forms of entertainment.


From April to June

Festoie in Sarlat

Noisy herds of geese that honk their way through

the medieval city; tasting stands that make your

mouth water; carcass soup - a true local tradition

- to warm everyone up; a marching band to

swing you into a festive mood; and educational

workshops and demonstrations for young and

old. All this takes place in the presence of farmers

and craftsmen who cultivate the quality of this

authentic product. They will be delighted to speak

to you about their activities.



Strawberry and Flower Fête in Vergt

This fête takes place in the streets of Vergt on the

3rd Sunday of May each year. Featuring a farmer's

market, sales of strawberries and strawberry

plants, and more....



Festival Jazz Pourpre in Bergera


These great musical encounters feature artists

of significant talent, encompassing groups of

international renown as well as lesser-known

artists. It is composed of two parts: The 'In':

Two concert evenings featuring a select line-up

emphasising quality and topicality; and the 'Off',

with a series of free concerts in the Cloître des

Récollets of La Maison des Vins.



Fêtes - Festivals

Exhibitions - Evening


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