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Truffle Fête and Culinary Academy of Foie

Gras and Truffles in Sarlat

During this weekend-long event created by

the Groupement des Producteurs de Truffes du

Périgord Noir and the city of Sarlat, you may

participate in a large selection of activities on

the theme of this emblematic mushroom. A large

number of workshops are open to the general

public to reveal all the subtleties of the truffle,

such as workshops on identifying truffles and

their aromas, or informed truffle purchasing.

Truffles, truffle-growing and fattened ducks

and geese fête in Sorges

Takes place on the last weekend of January every

year. Featuring: lectures on truffle-growing,

culinary demonstrations with truffles, an omelette

competition, musical entertainment, inauguration

into the 'Erudite Confraternity of Truffles and Foie

Gras', and more.

Jazz concerts in wine cellars of the Bergerac area

Promoting jazz and increasing its audience means

playing to new listeners in innovative venues. To

find such a place in the Bergerac area, look no

further than its wine-growing estates viticoles.







Walnut Festival in Sarla


Since time immemorial, the PérigordWalnut enjoys an

unrivaled reputation. Its health benefits, quality and

different varieties make this a highly valued product.

The Perigord walnuts, holder of a PDO, is being

honored throughout the weekend, with conferences

for professionals and the general public, many

activities for adults and children and the Regional Oil

Competition nuts.



Fêtes - Festivals

Exhibitions - Evening


Agenda of Gourmet Fêtes

and Festivals

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