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Lieux d'Expositions


Gorodka in Sarlat

Gorodka is a 'village' dedicated to art. Pierre Shasmoukine created this atypical place filled with strange

luminous sculptures. This Russian artist has been struggling since 1970 to turn his utopic 'village' vision

into a reality. Today, three art trails lead through the forest and four galleries exhibit heterogeneous

works. A workshop and exhibition site, this village is first and foremost a sight to visit and a social vision.

Jardind’Helys, anexperimental 'exhibitionspace /workof art /workshop' inSaintMedardd’Excideuil

Five adventurers welcome you here among a mixture of their works. You'll through the still-to-be

written history of the 21st century – in the 13-ha workshop surrounding a 19th-century manor house,

formerly the home of a writer. The place itself is a creative media that evolves through its installations

and scenes among the landscapes of the Périgord…


Le Domaine Perdu in Meyrals

Established 15 years ago in Meyrals, Le Domaine Perdu organises temporary and permanent exhibitions

of paintings and sculptures. A village recognised as being a 'village of artists', you will find a variety

of other workshops and galleries (exhibiting Magis, Weir, Mi Desmedt, Knoepflin, Falconnet, Galerie de

Carmensac and others).

Galerie d’Arts Croisés in Mauzac

This contemporary art center opened in 2012 on the area of "Les Hautes Claires". This structure promotes works

by living artists, French or foreign, and organizes various cultural events and observational drawing workshops.

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