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Périgord Strawberries


The Périgord is the 2nd largest producing département in terms of volume, after

the Lot-et-Garonne. Production area: 32 of the Périgord's districts and 9 villages

of the Lot. Some 200 producers. 3 brands represent the Périgord strawberry.

The traceability of this product is now guaranteed.

An IGP was obtained in 2004 for 7 varieties of strawberries:

Garriguette (springtime strawberry), Elsanta (a Dutch variety), the new Cigaline, the 'remontant'

varieties: Seascape and Mara des Bois, Cirafine (late-producing strawberry) and Darselect (of the same

family as Elsanta)

With the Périgord strawberry, enjoy fresh strawberries 6 months a year.

Tips from a star-rated chef: 'Try the delicious sweet and savoury combination of hot fried foie gras with

Périgord strawberries, both seasoned with ginger and served with a few pistachios and a drizzle of red


Where to find them:

Directly at the farm, on local markets and in supermarkets.

For more information: Website:

CDT Dordogne