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Gourmet routes

Black Perigord Truffle (or Tuber Melanosporum)


The black Périgord truffle is at once a luxury product and a local product.

It is mainly produced in the areas around Sorges, Sarlat and Ste Alvère.

The production in the Périgord represents between 10% and 15% of the some 40

tons per year produced in France.

For guaranteed Périgord truffles, 12 authorised markets are verified by groups of producers. Here, the

truffles are inspected and their price is regulated according to the current rate for black Périgord


One wholesale market, in Sarlat, is open to truffle farmers, restaurant owners and professional merchants.

A general unawareness of the mushroom's reproductive cycle, and the somewhat 'folklorist' secrecy

surrounding transactions on the truffle markets, have helped build its mysterious reputation.

The typical ways to enjoy this product in the real Périgord tradition include truffle butter, truffle

omelettes or pasta infused with truffles.

Where to find them: directly on the Périgord's truffle markets during the truffle season from December

to February.

Focus on: the 'Péchalifour' truffle farm in St Cyprien - A tour of the truffle farm in the form of a treasure

hunt. Have fun while learning in this natural setting to discover some of the secrets behind truffles.

Contact: Edouard Aynaud: Péchalifour – 24220 Saint Cyprien


+33 (0) 5 53 29 20 44

- Port

+33 (0) 6 82 50 28 62


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