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Gourmet routes

Gourmet routes on the theme of various

emblematic products:

Foie Gras du Périgord

Foie gras is an integral part of the culinary and cultural heritage of the southwest.

Since the year 2000, the duck foie gras of the Périgord has enjoyed a European level of protection called IGP

(Protected Geographic Indication). The same recognition is currently being established for products made

with fattened geese through a collective brand, Oie du Périgord, which was launched in February of 2012. The

Périgord's production is still mainly small-scale and intends on remaining so, to perpetuate what makes it so


This field of work has become very well-structured and professional in the last 30 years, with farmers, small-

scale producers and companies working together in a unique way.


Traditionally, the foie gras of the Périgord is a festive product consumed for the Christmas holidays, but it can

be enjoyed by gourmets all year round. It is eaten cold but can also be enjoyed warm, alone (as in the fried

escalope of foie gras) or as an ingredient in a more elaborate recipe (as in Tournedos Rossini or Périgueux

sauce). Foie gras entier, literally 'whole' foie gras, is eaten as a meat. It is most often paired with a moelleux


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