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Biking enthusiasts will find everything their

hearts desire in the Périgord.

Cyclotourists may choose from no fewer than

twenty-nine on-road circuits to encounter

the true spirit of the département. The

hiking/biking trails, which cover 2,000 km,

lead along rivers, valleys and hillsides, and

provide natural surroundings for your bike


Designed with practicality in mind, each

circuit can either be shortened or linked to

the next depending on your needs. Along

the way, you'll find supplies, restaurants,

accommodation and cycle mechanics at your


A map of the cycle-tourism circuits in the Périgord is available free of charge from the Comité Départemental du Tourisme.

A large number of paths are consecrated to

all-terrain biking. It is important to take into

account the markers that have been set up.

Itineraries are indicated by two circles joined

with a coloured triangle. To make sure you

don't get lost, use the maps from the collection

Sentiers du Périgord.

You will also enjoy the circuits of La Forêt du

Vignoble (five circuits from 7 to 43 km) which

were set up with all-terrain biking in mind.

Three all-terrain biking organisations can

provide services for you: circuits, equipment

hire and monitoring.

Consult the descriptions of all the Bike and All- terrain bike hire service providers...

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